Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Office Makeover - Organizing Challenge

Office Makeover - Organizing Challenge

My office needed a little TLC during my #2019organizingchallenge.  So, one day I was flipping through the TV channels trying to find something to watch and came across a HSN show all about craft and sewing.  

Since this is right up my alley I stopped to watch for a little bit.  I am so glad I did.  This cool Origami organizing cart was on sale and I got $20 off using my HSN card.

The really cool thing is I use their payment option that gives me zero interest. So it's like a lay-a-way plan but you get the merchandise right away.  How cool is that!

The first photo is the cart after I organized my printer and supplies underneath in the easy to slide out drawers.  The photo on the right is the before.  My little printer stand crammed full of papers and binders.  It was not functional at all.  

Now I have room for my printer paper on the shelf under the printer.  Before I had to put it on my end table next to the couch where my computer desk is located.

This cart has six drawers and two shelves.  It measures 23 x 13.5 x 42 inches.  It is metal and wood.  Very sturdy.  Nothing to assemble.  Just open it up and unfold it.  It locks into place.  Then add the one shelf and drawers.  The top shelf is on a hinge. So you fold it over and it locks into place.  There are strong casters on the bottom with wheels.  Top quality product.  

I highly recommend it for anyone needing to organize their home office space.  My craft/sewing room is not big enough to hold my computer desk so my living room does double duty.  It works for me and I keep it tidy so that when company comes to visit it looks fine.  

Ultimately, I would like it better if all my business was in one room.  That would require moving to a bigger house.  Or closing in my patio and moving my office to there.  

The garage is out because the breaker box is there and I am very sensitive to the EMF current coming from the box.  I feel like I am going to fall over every time I go in the garage to get something.

Another idea I had was to build a shed in our backyard to house my studio in one place.  That would work great.  Just add a window a/c unit and I'd be all set.  

We recently had our backyard cleared of all the jungle that had existed for 28 years of living here.  Now I have a big open space that would be the perfect location for my small business.

That is a project for the future.  It is not on my #2019organizingchallenge list of things to do.  I'm working on the inside of the house for now.

You can get my step-by-step room makeover guide that will be coming up at the end of the year.  In the meantime I will be making each room makeover available for purchase in a pdf format in my learning center library.  Stay tuned!

Next, up will be my laundry room makeover.  Stay tuned for that next week.  We still have to paint the walls and then you will get to see the before and after photos.

Don't forget to send me your before/after pictures to receive your free handmade gift in the mail.  All you have to do is join in the fun to receive your worksheet and be notified of any future tips.

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